Our Racing Boats FAQs

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Q. How do Boon "Epoxy" race boats differ from there competitors?

A. The completed hull differs in a number of ways. Firstly and most importantly by the selection and combination of only the best materials available are used in manufacture. The latest manufacturing techniques adopted including Epoxy resin Infusion under high vacuum have been carefully chosen to provide the consistency required for production. All of our designs be it GP14, Solo and race prepared Phantom have proven race track records at the very highest level.

Cosmetically , you will first notice that the deck moulding incorporates the side tanks, the floor of the cockpit and the centre board case as one structural component. Its benefit goes beyond merely cosmetic and extends to providing arguably the stiffest racing Solo currently available. We have taken this unique design into our GP14

Other benefits include a maintenance free cockpit floor, where grip in the working area is provided by self adhesive marine grade Tread master flooring.

Q. What is the hull made from and who builds them?

A. All hulls are manufactured using high grade Epoxy Infusion Systems combined with the best quality woven fabrics and non absorbent specific density closed cell foam core. Very tough! All our boats are manufactured in our own factory which is set up and laid out specifically for race boat manufacture. The factory has the very latest in digital temperature control to ensure the correct temperature year round, absolutely vital in the consistant production of Epoxy race boat manufacture.

Q. Is the outer skin resistant to knocks and bumps?

A. The woven cloth chosen for the outer skin of the hull was picked specifically to provide a very good level of impact resistance when combined with our choice of closed cell foam core. All new hulls carry the maximum amount of lead correctors.

Q. How successful are Boon FRP hulls proving to be?

SOLO 2011 Results so far

1st Solo Nationals and World Title 2011 – Matt Howard, Charlie Cumbley 2nd. 7 boats in the top ten

1stSpring Championships Oxford 2011 – Charlie Cumbley

1stWinter Championships Grafham 2011 – Charlie Cumbley.

1st Welsh Championships Tata 2011 – Mike Simms

1st Scottish Championships Largo Bay 2011 – Pete Mitchel.

1st Northern Championships Carsington 2011 – Mike Simms.

1st Pre Champs Weymouth 2011 – Matt Howard.

GP14 2011 Results so far

1st GP14 Nationals 2011 – Stuart Bithel and Christian Birrel.

1st Staunton Harold Open Meeting – Pete Mitchel and Andy Hunter

1st Nantwich Open Meeting – Pete Mitchel and Andy Hunter

1st Manor Park Open Meeting – Pete Mitchel and Andy Hunter

1st Midland SC Open Meeting – Pete Mitchel and Emily Cole-Evans

1st Hollowell SC Open Meeting – Pete Mitchel and Emily Cole-Evans

1st Midland Travellers Championships Overall – Pete Mitchel and Emily Cole-Evans

Solo 2010 Results Summary

1st2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th UK National Championships 2010 – Matt Howard, Charlie Cumbley, Jim Hunt, Jamie Lea, Dave Mitchell, Dave Macgregor.

1st, 4th, 6th Spring Championships Oxford 2010 – Chris Brown,

1st, 3rd, Winter Championships Grafham 2010 – Jim Hunt, Charlie Cumbley.

1st, 3rd, 5th End of Season Championships Draycote 2010 – David Macgregor.

1st Scottish Championships Dalgety Bay 2010 – Chris Brown.

1st Tyler Trophy Hayling Island 2010 – Charlie Cumbley

1st Plate series Felpham 2010 – Steve Chiverton

1st Veteran Felpham 2010 – Ray Collins

1st Inland Championships Rutland 2010 – Charlie Cumbley.

1st 2nd 3rd Pre Champs Weymouth 2010 – Charlie Cumbley. Matt Howard, Jim Hunt

1st Abersoch Dinghy Week 2010 – Matt Howard.

2nd Northern Area Travellers Championships 2010 – Oliver Dumbelton.

Many more Open Meeting Wins.


1st Europa Cup Medemblik 2010 – Charlie Cumbley.

2009 Results Summary

1st, 2nd UK National Championships 09 – Charlie Cumbley, Jim Hunt.

1st, 3rd, 4th Spring Championships Oxford 09 – Charlie Cumbley, Jim Hunt, D Mcgregor.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th Winter Championships Grafham 09 – Jim Hunt, D Mcgregor, C Cumbley, Chris Brown.

1st, 3rd, 5th End of Season Championships Draycote 09 – Chris Brown, Andy Couch, C Cumbley.

1st Tyler Trophy Hayling Island 09 – Charlie Cumbley.

1st Scottish Championships Dalgety Bay 09 – Jim Hunt.

1st Northern Area Travellers Championships 09 – Oliver Dumbelton.

1st Midland Area Travellers Championships 09 – Chris Brown.

2nd Inland Championships Rutland 09 – Chris Brown.

2nd Pre Champs Weymouth 09 – Charlie Cumbley.

2nd Welsh Champs Corus 09 – Chris Brown.

Many more Open Meeting Wins.

1st Phantom National Championships Llandudno 09 – Charlie Cumbley.

2008 Results Summary

1st Nations Trophy 08 Workum Holland – David Mcgregor

1st Pre Champs Weymouth 08- Jim Hunt

1st Spring Championships Oxford 08 – Charlie Cumbley

1st UK National Championships 08 – Charlie Cumbley

1st Winter Championships Grafham 08 – Charlie Cumbley

1st End of Season Championships Draycote 08 – Charlie Cumbley

A. Since launch in June 2007 to June 2011, we have sold in excess of 190 boats and won the National & World Championships in the Solo every year since.

B, We launched our GP14 in 2011 and won the National Title at the first go.

Q. What can I expect from the fit out?

A great deal of time was spent at the development stage, we fit out the finished deck plugs for all our boats prior to any deck moulds being taken. This ensures that we build in the correct reinforcements and tweek the design to suit sheeting angles and cleat block mounts.  With the help of our hardware suppliers we have provided as standard a market leading specification. Top quality Harken fittings and pulleys are used throughout, that will more than meet the needs of the most demanding of dinghy sailors.

Q. What rig choice do I have?

A. A rig has been specially chosen and developed for your new race boat. We work closely with Selden Spars and North Sails. The recommended rig for the Solo is a D+ section matched with a North T85 or ST1 Technora Sail, North 3DL is currently been tested.  We can of course supply alternatives, namely, the Cumulus section, the C section depending on your weight..

We recommend the GP14 uses the Selden Cumulus or Alto section.

The Phantom uses the new Carbon S2.

Q. How do I order my championship winning race boat?

A. You can request a brochure online (top left) or by phone.  We would ask you to complete the order form at the back of the brochure and return it to us via post or email with a deposit of £500.  You will be issued with a confirmation of your building slot and estimated delivery date.

Q. Will I get my race boat on time?

A. Yes.  As manufacture of the hulls is kept well in advance of delivery

Q. Will my race boat be registered and measured?

A. Yes. Each race boat hull provided by us, comes registered, fully measured and setup with correctors fitted.

Q. Do I have a choice of colours?

A. At this point in time, for production reasons and gel coat longevity ie fading, we are currently only offering the designer grey that you see in the pictures.  We may include colours at a later date, however it must be borne in mind that darker gel coat colours fade quickly in sunlight and are therefore much more difficult to colour match if you need a repair and can consequently make the boat look older than it is.

Q. What extras are available?

A. These are detailed in the brochure and range from a carbon tiller to match the extension, a purpose made compass bracket to mount a T60 Tacktick designed and placed within easy reach whilst sailing, water bottle, drop nose pin for the mast step, fast pins for the shrouds to name but a few.

We also offer a range of “soft” products to protect your new purchase specially developed for us with North Sails, ie, rudder bags, mast bags, boom bags, spinnaker bags/barriers etc.